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Carr Precast facility

Carr Precast Concrete, Inc.

Carr Precast Concrete, Inc. was founded by Robert and Loray Carr in 1976 in order to supply the swine industry with quality concrete slats.  In 2008 Robert's daughter, Emily Sprague and her husband Tracey became involved in the business and have taken over day to day operations.  The company has continued to grow and prosper by offering a variety of precast products.
These products include,but not limited to, soundwalls, MSE walls, concrete pier slats/panels, hog flooring,  parking curbs, and transformer pads.  We have manufactured everything from 30" pads for UPS that were installed all over the US, to large balcony slabs for US Marine Corps barracks at Cherry Point, NC.  Feel free to look through our website.  Enjoy!


Founders Robert and Loray Carr​​Founded 1976

Transformer Pad

Precast Half Connector

Single face barrier

MSE Walls

VDOT Certified

Concrete Walkway

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